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What is 'Text Neck'?

Posted: June 29, 2015
By: Dr Clayton Clark

'Text Neck' and children is becoming a national epidemic. With many national media affiliates, such as ABC, CBS & NBC, and even CNN and the New York Times, to air or write stories in the near future. As you know, repetitive texting leads to very poor posture which in turn can lead to spinal dysfunction. This is happening in adults as well. Chiropractors see it daily in practice. A national chiropractic clinic system is publicizing this epidemic and receiving national coverage. Chiropractic is one incredible way to improve the health of our children and ourselves. Get them checked! And get yourself checked at Aloha Chiropractic Wellness

Nutrition - A General Overview

Posted: June 19, 2015
By: Dr Clayton Clark

There are a few keys to nutrition that few people consider:

     1. Carbs, fats and protein. This is the basic concern of dieticians and the media. If this is the primary concern, this is a gross mismanagement of nutrient requirements for the body. Following this sort of program, can leave a person severely mal-nourished.

     2. Macro-nutrients: this would include essential amino acids, essential fats, multi-vitamins and minerals. This is a good place to start.

     3. Micro-nutrients: these are less often considered by the media, medical and dietary consultants. There are significant nutrients that must be present for the efficient and productive biochemistry to operate an optimal functioning body.

     4. Whole food and whole herbals: this is being considered more and more by skilled practitioners. These will provide the unknown nutrients that are present in food that science has not yet found.

Look at your food and determine what you are missing at each level. If you don't know or can't figure it out, consult with someone who is trained in full spectrum nutrition, not just a few of the above levels.

Click Nutrition Response Testing to learn more about getting started on the right path to nutrition.

I'm healthy except for... my headaches.

Posted: July 17, 2013
By: Dr Clayton Clark

There are numerous causes for headaches. Sinus allergies, food sensitivities, tension, and stress are some of the most common. Often overlooked is the effect of misaligned spinal components. Nerve tension causes decreased blood flow, tense muscles and adds additional stress.

In hundreds of cases that I have seen over the years, only two have not responded favorably with care at Aloha Wellness- Modern Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing. Whether we align the spine or feed the body (to help with body toxicity), most find relief almost immediately. The remaining will have their headaches reduced in pain, frequency and duration after a few months.

Headaches are not the result of a Tylenol deficiency – or ibuprofen or aspirin. Headaches are not caused by weather changes. Headaches are the result of your body's inability to manage the pressure, moisture, and allergen changes, just as an example.

Get results Fast. Be Better...… Naturally.

Aloha from San Antonio Texas!

Posted: June 3, 2013
By: Dr Clayton Clark

Welcome to the first installment of the Doctor’s Blog here at Aloha Wellness: Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing!  The purpose of this Blog is to provide our reader’s with professional expertise and advice on chiropractic care, new chiropractic studies and techniques, nutritional wellness, nutritional healing and all other topics that relate to the modern chiropractor, nutrition  and health. 

In my experience, good health isn't a random occurrence and it shouldn't cost a lot of money. Most of my patients want to know how to handle pain. Once pain is resolved, they want to have more energy. Eventually, they want celebrity health and superstar performance. All these topics and issues are addressed and achieved in our practice. More often than not results are realized in days, weeks and months, rather than years.  We hope to address some of these questions and concerns within this Blog and we encourage our readers to participate by letting us know of any specific topics you would like to see in our posts.

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