Nutritional Cleanse- Isagenix

The nutritional cleanse is designed to rid the body of toxicity accumulated through our life. Whether its called cleansing, detoxification, or purification, there are basic benefits and challenges to removing toxins from the body.

  1. Completion of the natural detoxification process through the liver. There are 3 phases which must be completed. Numerous over the counter products leave the liver caught between phases causing more harm than good.
  2. Simple to complete. Any cleanse process must be easy enough to do with noticeable results in order to keep the individual motivated to continue.
  3. Results. There must be noticeable benefits while doing the cleanse and after doing the cleanse with minimal side effects as a result.
  4. It must be healthful. The cleanse method must be nutritional as well as cleansing without depriving the body of necessary nutrients in the process.

These are the considerations that have led me to use the Isagenix 9-day Cleanse (30 day also available at The typical results are 8-10 pounds lost and two dress sizes in 9 days. Its easy to do because it taste good and there is not a lot of pills required. Cleanse liquid, an accelerator per day, healthy snacks, and shakes on shake days. Plus 1 meal per day for five days. It is low cost and really provides the replacement cost of meals over the whole period.

The benefits are huge. Not only is there weight loss during the whole time, but you feel better. There are less complaints of allergy, aches, pains, sluggishness, better sleep, and more energy. One really good benefit is that it gives the individual a new relationship to food. It helps to re-program your eating. It is a great tool to help reduce cravings, alter eating habits and often reduce addictions.

I have tried and used many different programs- Standard Process 21-day Purification Program, the Master Cleanser, individual liver cleanse, colon cleanse, and green cleanse products, etc. Isagenix is the best that I have found: easy to do, gets results, completely nutritional, and cost effective.

Questions about Nutritional Cleanse

Why do a cleanse?

Carrying extra pounds, lots of symptoms and complaints. Allergies, headaches, sinus problems, lots of medication use (OTC and prescribed), aches and pains.

Who benefits?

Most people will benefit from doing the cleanse. Most will have significant changes both in weight, energy and habit. However, every now and then, someone has underlying health issues that prohibit them from getting the results initially. This is the time when a nutritional evaluation should be performed to determine if the proper neurological response can be obtained. This is done by using the Nutrition Response Testing done in our office.

Lots of weight to lose?

The ideal way for someone to lose lots of weight is to do back-to-back 9-day programs. There is about 14 days of product in each 9-day kit. The program is nutritious and healthy. Isagenix even has weight loss clubs: 100-pound, 200-pound and 300-pound clubs. Most who do the program and lose the weight don't even require the surgery for the skin, because Isagenix ref-eeds the skin to pull itself up tight.

How does it work?

Your body protect you from toxins by storing them in fat. Your body is resistant to releasing them, because it could be dangerous to you. Isagenix nutritional cleanse allows your body to release the toxins (and fat) resulting in weight loss and fat reduction. This is what causes the significant reduction in measurements. It is not just releasing water, it is releasing fat. The process is run through the kidneys, so there will be lots of urine.

Cleansing colon?

The Isagenix program does not function as a colon cleanse. This cleanse runs through the kidneys. When food returns, usually normal bowel function returns. However, some people will require assistance if they have slow bowel movements.  But you can expect to pee alot.

Feel bad doing/during the cleanse?

The cleanse is programmed with two pre-cleanse days before the 9-day portion. This helps the body to set up for doing the cleanse by removing ingested toxins. People who eat lots of sugar or processed foods, drink soda, coffee, tea, or alcohol, or have other lifestyle choices that may be hard to give up will especially benefit from the pre-cleanse days. There may be a day or two of not feeling well, but by about the second or third day most have lots more energy and start to feel well.

Can I exercise during?

Most people will keep up their exercise program during the cleanse. By the 2 nd or 3 rd day, they start to feel really good.

How often?

Most people will benefit from doing the cleanse a few times per year. If there is a lot of weight to lose, the recommendation is to do back-to-back 9-day cleanses until the ideal weight is reached. Then progress to the 30-day or maintenance program.

Where can I see/read results?

Check out our Blog. Follow us on Facebook. Follow those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Visit our website, or our Isagenix site for videos, success stories, tips and research.