Our Chiropractor's Approach

Health is more than the absence of disease. A Chiropractor can treat for many conditions that you already have. Those conditions usually arise due to nerve interference, biochemical and energetic issues, and altered programming.  Your body is the best doctor for you, and your nervous system just requires that there is no interference in the process.

A visit to a chiropractor is a safe, natural type of preventative and developmental care for your nervous system, body, and mind. A Chiropractor removes nerve interference by correcting the vertebral subluxation allowing the body to ultimately perform optimally. This means the body will be better suited to handle the stresses of everyday life whether its physical, chemical or energetic. The body’s ability to improve health is increased. Health entails “living life to the fullest.”

Clinical Approach
Each person has different needs in order to return to health. Some are in worse health than others when they present themselves in our office. Some people have more complicated considerations than others. Each person’s care incorporates the following aspects to varying degrees.

Structural Biomechanics - First we look to the spine, then to the head and feet. If the base is not level, the whole structure will be off. Extremity and cranial considerations improve the spine’s ability to remain aligned. Reducing the vertebral subluxation and freeing nervous energy by adjusting the spine is foremost in the return to health.

  • Subluxation Station - This computerized outcome Sublaxation station at Aloha Wellness Chiropractor Therapy Room in San Antonio.assessment tool allows for identification and monitoring of the vertebral subluxation. Inclinometry, paraspinal thermography and paraspinal surface EMG help to identify the vertebral subluxation. A copy of the results is provided for each person to monitor theirprogress. This has raised the standard of Chiropractic care.
  • Xray - This traditional tool allows the doctor to rule out any underlying pathology or injury, while determining the basic alignment of the spine and extremities. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The results are provided for each person to track their progress. Another tool maintaining our standard of care.

Body Memory - The body has memory. Muscles have memory. Cells have memory. In order to remove some of the programming of the past, physiologic changes must also occur. Physiological changes may be necessary.

  • Mental Programming - From the Eastern philosophies, body meridians are associated with certain  emotions. For some, these emotions are the result of poor programming or nutrition and reduce the body’s ability to maintain health.  This increases the rate at which the body is able to overcome its stresses and improve healing.
  • Rehabilitation Exercise - Physical and neurological reprogramming usually begins weeks to months into care. This increases the rate at which the body is able to overcome and to heal. Recommendations for fitness and performance enhancement to reach your new health goals can also be made.
  • Assistive Devices - Products such as pillows, supports, braces, or arches assist the physical and neurological reprogramming during care. This increases the rate at which the body is able to stabilize and to heal. Recommendations for products may be made for each individual.

Energy Balance - Matter and energy are related. This is a basic premise of all science. Physics has defined its relationship. However, few doctors have combined the two in practice. Whether its a quantum mechanics model, Ayurvedic or Meridian systems, we look to balance the energies of the body so that corrections in the physical and biochemical are long-lasting and complete.

Biochemical - Two areas addressed are nutrition and homeopathic assistance. Nutrition plays an The physical therapy room where you will see a San Antonio Chiropractor.important role in the return to health especially due to toxicity, sensitivities, or deficiencies. The nervous system may send the signals to the body, but if the biochemical building blocks are not present, good luck in getting correction. Homeopathy provides assistance in healing in spite of our environmental and daily concerns.

Health Coaching - While your health is improving, there are steps to maintain correction and improve your outcomes while you’re at home or work. Each day the media presents us with the newest, best program or pill. We can help sort out the “hype”. We can help you figure out what your other doctors have said, openly and honestly. Optimal health is attainable.  Make it complete and long-lasting.